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Safety and Safety Accessories for Bicycling

In most countries bicycles are regarded as vehicles in the eyes of the law. As a result cyclists have to follow and obey the traffic law and rules. Due to its size and design bicycle is subject to similar, if not the same, risks as other motorists and bikers on the road. Accidents involving bicycles and cyclists can range from minor incidents to death. Though cyclists play a major role in determining safe riding, safety of the bicycle and safety accessories play equally important roles in reducing the risks of accident on the road. Bicycle safety boils down to the condition of the bicycle and proper safety accessories.

Bicycle helmet is probably the first safety accessory that comes to mind as far as safety of cyclist on the road is concerned. Though bicycle helmets have been debated whether they really reduce the risks of accident, there is no doubt that they make a huge difference in terms of a cyclist’s safety. Bicycle helmet provides at least some form of protection for the head when the impact of accident is huge or during sudden falling off the bicycle. If you are a cyclist, you probably want to put on a decent helmet to avoid head injury should accident happen during riding.

Electric bikes safety vest is another critical accessory for night riding. Bicycle accidents happen at night because other motorists are not aware of or able to see the bicycle or cyclist. It is important that cyclists wear highly visible vest to stay visible and safe. Today’s cyclists are spoiled for choices of safety visible vests. They come with all kinds of materials, durability, style and reflectiveness. Some fancier types come with LED on the front and back to make a highly visible vest. No matter which ones you opt for, the objective is to stay highly visible and safe.

For night riding your bicycle should also be equipped with lighting and reflector. In some states such as Washington, the law requires a white headlight, with at least 500 feet visibility from the front, and a reflector at the back or taillight of at least 300 feet visibility from behind. These accessories should be in place regardless of the laws and regulations. Cyclists should take these seriously because they could make a difference of life and death, especially during night riding.

Other bicycle safety features which should not be ignored include the proper functioning of the bicycle. The brakes on the elelctric bikes in NZ should be checked regularly to ensure they are working properly. Other common sense safety tips include proper and safe riding habits. Never talk on the mobile phone while riding. Make sure you have some kind of rain coat or waterproof suit for riding in rainy weather. Remember to wear your safety vest on top during rainy nights, though the best practise is not to ride in rainy weather.

If you are a cyclist, regularly or leisurely, you should take your riding safety into serious consideration. Safety accessories such as helmet, visible vest, and bicycle lights are the least you could do to make riding the bicycle on the road safe and sound.

Electric Volto Bike TDR01Z , The Best Choice For All

Is there any bikes better than Volto bike?. I think probably not. Volvo is regarded as the most sophisticating bike that is completed by super-elegant size and so cool. The new Volto TDR- 01Z is the suitable choice for those who like traveling so much with the affordable price and simple way. With the range over 70 Km, you are able to be sure that it is going to take you to the best destination safe, simply and efficiently. With this high-performance 300W of this electric bikes, you don’t worry to climbs the hills due to this model makes them simple to reach. Well, to see complete Volto Bike TDR01Z review below to inspire you all.

volto-TDE03Z-SilverVolto Bike TDR01Z Specification

Instead many features that being offered above, exactly it still has many benefits to get by yourself. It has an elegant design that makes this one looks impressive and has the good appearance. It is a sturdy bike that is made by light steel but still strong and sturdy without reducing its performance when it is used. Great speeds and quick charging makes this the best choice for many bikers while they wish assistance when cycling. It is not only suitable to use for touring and climbing the hill but also can be used when you feel bored to stay home and decided to travel around city or garden. Whatever kind of activity you do, Volto Bike TDR01Z is the best friend to accompany you in all terms.

In term of battery, it takes you 36V/ 12Ah with Lithium 432 Wh and 14Ah available for it. Meanwhile the motor type is in 300W @ 36V or similar with 400W @48 V. In term of speed, this best electric bikes nz is able to take maximal range between 300W – 35 km/ h or 400W – 40 km/h. For charging time, it includes 2A smart charger that allows you to shorten the charging time just to 5-8 hours. Not too long, isn’t it!. Gears SHIMANO 6 is equipped by front brake disc brake with dia- Compe hub brake and rear drum brake that has speed sensor to make it look impressive. Even you will find a driving mode that has a full electricity or named twist throttle. Total weight of this best electric bike is in 24- 28 kg including 12Ah battery power. Well, after you see the Volto Bike TDR01Z specification above, are you interested to grab it now?.

A Beautiful Restoration

Recently while visiting a very close friend, I found him working up a sweat 3cleaning his garage. This guy had stuff piled up on stuff so I offered to help for a while. While digging through the mess, I noticed what looked like a vintage bike in the corner of the garage. The bike looked pretty cool and I love to restore old things, so I asked what his plans were for it. Since he was going to trash it along with most everything else, I asked if I could have it and he agreed.

After putting in a couple of sweaty hours of help, I tossed the bike in the mini-van and headed home. Looking over this tattered little jewel, I found the 7frame seemed okay but I would definitely need to find some wheels. I decided to spring for a electric bikes conversion kit to bring it back to life properly. I found a website where I could order the needed wheels. I also fit the rear wheel with a Shimano Nexus internal gear hub. Before installing the new wheels, I stripped the bike and sandblasted the frame to make it suitable for a good paint job.

After spraying on several coats of paint, I rebuilt the carrier to fit the battery 4pack I had acquired. I had some old mudguards and a chain guard that I also painted a complementary color to the frame. I then began the task of  reassembling the bike and all its parts which took a little time as I didn’t want to scratch the new paint job.

All in all, the project took a little over four months as I had to wait to get the needed parts shipped to me. The rebuilt bike ended up costing more than if I would have bought a new one, but I was able to feed my passion for restoring old vintage bikes and I just love the bike I ended up with.





My Australian Electric bike “Ticoon” purchased in Bowral, NSW

Introduction – the Challenge

On turning 70 earlier this year (2012) I wanted to challenge myself to do something memorable.
I decided to ride a bike from one end of New Zealand to the other.
I’m doing it in two stages – the North Island in November, and the South Island next February.
Fortunately, I came across ebikes.  The one pictured above was purchased in Bowral, NSW, and is a gem. However, I cannot take the large Lithium Ion battery in the plane, nor air-freight it without an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) which I have been unable to obtain.Picture
Amazingly, the importer of Volto ebikes in Auckland, Mark Koudelka, has generously offered to provide an electric bike for my use, free of charge. In return I had to supply photos and an honest appraisal of the Volto bike.
I pick it up on Saturday, 3 November. Annie will fly to Auckland the next day and we shall drive up to Cape Reinga to commence the ride the following day.
Wish me good weather and a tail wind!
Eddie Jones
30 October 2012


My wonderful support crew – Annie, plus car with bike rack.


 North Island journey Enter here


30 days 1309 Km

South Island journey Enter here


17 days 1108 Km

 Two stages – the North Island and the South Island total distance  2417Km in 47 days.


This is the VOLO I ride across New Zealand


Today (the ides of March) I am adding a summary to this blog.  Keen readers can read the lot, but this will distill the essence.

North Island :  I chose secondary roads for the route in the North Island as far as possible as safety was a primary consideration.  From Cape Reinga I came down to Awanui then across to Manganui and down to Waipapa (near Kerikeri); thence to Dargaville via Kaikohe.  The Auckland Harbour Bridge does not permit bikes (or pedestrians) so I came in from the west, after a busy ride down Highway 1 from Brynderwyn to Wellsford.  Went east from Papakura to Miranda then to Cambridge and across to Otorohanga, Te Kuiti, Inglewood, Wanganui and thus Wellington.

South Island roads are quieter – main traffic comprise rental cars, vans and motorhomes!  I started at Bluff, up to Queenstown, over the Crown Range to Wanaka then a stunning ride to Makarora.  Beautiful weather day after day as I rode on to Haast, the Glacier villages, alongside the Grey River to Inangahua, then to Murchison, St Arnaud, Renwick and, finally, Picton.
Highlights?  1: The first day.  2: Arriving at Picton.  3: Miranda.  4: Golf at Jacks Point.  5: Riding in the rain through King Country.  6: Staying with family (both Islands) and friends (three lots in the North Island).  7: Being joined in my ride by family in New Plymouth, in to Wellington, and on the West Coast. 8: The ride from Wanaka to Makarora alongside Lakes Hawea and Wanaka.  9: Other cyclists, far more adventurous than I (Tammy Lightle and A, B & C Wright). 10: All the rest!

I just bought TDF03Z

Buying an electric bicycle was a big thing for me. I wanted a bike that was both comfortable, affordable and a pleasure to ride. I came across the Volto TDF03Z 300 online and thought that the price was reasonable and decided to just go for it!

What I didn’t account for was the fun factor! I used to love going out on my bike when I was younger, however as I’ve gotten older, I started to struggle with the bigger hills round my area. That’s what made me think an electric bike could give me back the joy I used to have while out on my old pedal bike! Hills aren’t a problem anymore, I just kick in my electric motor and I’m up a tough hill without effort. I’d definitely recommend this bike to anyone!

Increasing speed on Electric bicycle

A successful 45km/h e-bike project.

I was always curious how much speed and
power I can get out from my old Electric bicycle (Volto TDF 300W) and not to blow
something up.
One day a friend of mine, George, came around
with a story about how he added a 12V battery serial with the 36V lithium to
his foldable also Volto and it increase speed and power noticeably. The first
question was how far did he go on it and what about the controller? Did it handle
the 48V ok? He said he got from Ranui to Auckland city which is his route to
work and back. That’s 44km with not overheating, pretty good news! So it seems
the controller has enough reserves for extra load. It supposed to be 60V rated
and with heat protection and cost new $50.

How much power and speed we can get without doing expensive alterations.

Use only NZ or internet available parts.


The motor – Direct drive, less gear, less brush .It is simple and bullet
proof. Such a motor is very difficult to kill!


We discovered some fantastic hidden potential of the motor.

The coil- very easy to swap using a faster one from 20″ bike. It is inexpensive only $60



The trick No1

Use the 300W coil from 20″ bike and put it to 26″.
To swap it is quite easy job and increases the speed up to about 36km/h but losing a bit of torque. When I had done just this it was not really impressive because the bike had a lack of power it was equal to about 250W output so not really impressive if you have hills around.

The trick  No2

48V battery…. That was exactly what I need to do to get my power back.

After George tested the 12V lead acid battery in serial connection he found the capacity was not enough and the lead acid battery was getting hot and it blew up finally.  After some calculations we stated it could be used as an inexpensive occasional power booster (for short time only) otherwise the 12V battery capacity would have to be much bigger to handle the discharging current without heating up.

The battery solution

I bought 48V 9Ah lithium battery with a charger and a cable because there is a different plug for output connector because it is manufactured for different models of electric bikes.

 It is going fantastically 45km/h



New Zealand has specific regulations on using electric bicycles. The maximum legal motor power is 300W otherwise it has to be registered as a scooter. Also any information here could lead to bicycle damage, loss of warranty or personal injury/accident.

Enter discussion in forum.