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Electric Volto Bike TDR01Z , The Best Choice For All

Is there any bikes better than Volto bike?. I think probably not. Volvo is regarded as the most sophisticating bike that is completed by super-elegant size and so cool. The new Volto TDR- 01Z is the suitable choice for those who like traveling so much with the affordable price and simple way. With the range over 70 Km, you are able to be sure that it is going to take you to the best destination safe, simply and efficiently. With this high-performance 300W of this electric bikes, you don’t worry to climbs the hills due to this model makes them simple to reach. Well, to see complete Volto Bike TDR01Z review below to inspire you all.

volto-TDE03Z-SilverVolto Bike TDR01Z Specification

Instead many features that being offered above, exactly it still has many benefits to get by yourself. It has an elegant design that makes this one looks impressive and has the good appearance. It is a sturdy bike that is made by light steel but still strong and sturdy without reducing its performance when it is used. Great speeds and quick charging makes this the best choice for many bikers while they wish assistance when cycling. It is not only suitable to use for touring and climbing the hill but also can be used when you feel bored to stay home and decided to travel around city or garden. Whatever kind of activity you do, Volto Bike TDR01Z is the best friend to accompany you in all terms.

In term of battery, it takes you 36V/ 12Ah with Lithium 432 Wh and 14Ah available for it. Meanwhile the motor type is in 300W @ 36V or similar with 400W @48 V. In term of speed, this best electric bikes nz is able to take maximal range between 300W – 35 km/ h or 400W – 40 km/h. For charging time, it includes 2A smart charger that allows you to shorten the charging time just to 5-8 hours. Not too long, isn’t it!. Gears SHIMANO 6 is equipped by front brake disc brake with dia- Compe hub brake and rear drum brake that has speed sensor to make it look impressive. Even you will find a driving mode that has a full electricity or named twist throttle. Total weight of this best electric bike is in 24- 28 kg including 12Ah battery power. Well, after you see the Volto Bike TDR01Z specification above, are you interested to grab it now?.