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Safety and Safety Accessories for Bicycling

In most countries bicycles are regarded as vehicles in the eyes of the law. As a result cyclists have to follow and obey the traffic law and rules. Due to its size and design bicycle is subject to similar, if not the same, risks as other motorists and bikers on the road. Accidents involving bicycles and cyclists can range from minor incidents to death. Though cyclists play a major role in determining safe riding, safety of the bicycle and safety accessories play equally important roles in reducing the risks of accident on the road. Bicycle safety boils down to the condition of the bicycle and proper safety accessories.

Bicycle helmet is probably the first safety accessory that comes to mind as far as safety of cyclist on the road is concerned. Though bicycle helmets have been debated whether they really reduce the risks of accident, there is no doubt that they make a huge difference in terms of a cyclist’s safety. Bicycle helmet provides at least some form of protection for the head when the impact of accident is huge or during sudden falling off the bicycle. If you are a cyclist, you probably want to put on a decent helmet to avoid head injury should accident happen during riding.

Electric bikes safety vest is another critical accessory for night riding. Bicycle accidents happen at night because other motorists are not aware of or able to see the bicycle or cyclist. It is important that cyclists wear highly visible vest to stay visible and safe. Today’s cyclists are spoiled for choices of safety visible vests. They come with all kinds of materials, durability, style and reflectiveness. Some fancier types come with LED on the front and back to make a highly visible vest. No matter which ones you opt for, the objective is to stay highly visible and safe.

For night riding your bicycle should also be equipped with lighting and reflector. In some states such as Washington, the law requires a white headlight, with at least 500 feet visibility from the front, and a reflector at the back or taillight of at least 300 feet visibility from behind. These accessories should be in place regardless of the laws and regulations. Cyclists should take these seriously because they could make a difference of life and death, especially during night riding.

Other bicycle safety features which should not be ignored include the proper functioning of the bicycle. The brakes on the elelctric bikes in NZ should be checked regularly to ensure they are working properly. Other common sense safety tips include proper and safe riding habits. Never talk on the mobile phone while riding. Make sure you have some kind of rain coat or waterproof suit for riding in rainy weather. Remember to wear your safety vest on top during rainy nights, though the best practise is not to ride in rainy weather.

If you are a cyclist, regularly or leisurely, you should take your riding safety into serious consideration. Safety accessories such as helmet, visible vest, and bicycle lights are the least you could do to make riding the bicycle on the road safe and sound.